With the new housing boom, is it time to sell your property?

London property gets its mojo back

Have you been holding back on selling your property because of the uncertainty of Brexit and how it will affect the market? You weren’t alone!

Rightmove, Britain’s largest property portal’s research shows a spike in property prices and sales. With asking prices jumping by over £2500 in January alone, and the asking price for the average home just below £310k, almost par with the all time high., no wonder everyone is getting excited. These figures are inline with Halifax and Nationwide’s mortgage data.


Rightmove also claim that North London has seen the highest jump in the capital with a 5.7% growth in Camden last month alone. Adding £50k to the average house price. At Eureka Property we have seen a similar trend in our side of Camden, Haringey and Enfield boroughs.

Stability has also returned after seeing a 7.5% sale growth since the 2019 election result

Agents like us, across the capital, have reported huge volumes in buyer registrations since uncertainty over the Government has been settled.

London agents Nested said “For Sale signs have gone up outside £4.5 billion worth of homes priced at £1 million or more since the election, a 39% increase on the same period last year”. 

Based on the data, should I sell now?

Eureka Property are confident that this is certainly a time to consider cashing in on your property. With still a degree of uncertainty in the economy and trade agreements, there is a good 9 months plus where we should see a spike and an active spring summer market.

We feel it’s a good idea to start your home valuation. After all, what have you got to lose by asking the experts what your house is now worth based on current sale trends? The answer is, “nothing at all”. And if that price meets your expectations then strike while the iron’s hot by joining the boom now before the possibility of more political uncertainty.

Register with us today and have your home valued. We can take you through each step of the process.

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