Housemates from hell or housemates for life?

Finding your perfect housemates can be very exhausting and disappointing- we know!

From never ending story of writing adverts and doing interviews and then going through the references to finally sometimes really awkward- sorting out payments…

At Eureka Property we don’t just ask we act quickly and effectively.

You are our client- you deserve it! Period.

We also know that sharing a home with total strangers can be stressful and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important to find someone who will match you energy and feel the vibes.

Do you dream of a quiet relationship at home? Maybe you are ready for a new friendship for life?  Or maybe you don’t mind a dog or a kitten? Leave it to us!

You’ve trusted us so we are obligate to give you what you looking for.

Tell us what you expect and we will rely on this information.

Call us on 0208 8882288 or send us an email on it’s time to find you a new friend!

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