How landlords should adjust to the disruption caused by Covid-19

In these unprecedented times, property owners and their tenants must learn to adapt quickly, finding solutions to lower the negative effects from this crisis. The coronavirus outbreak has demanded more from all of us.

Social distancing has had a drastic effect on the way landlords operate, and It is inevitable there will be new and unforeseen strains and pressures on the relationship they have with tenants. We will face all kinds of challenges that were unimaginable just a few weeks ago

  • How to rent out properties?
  • How to maintain services for existing contracts?
  • What is considered a priority emergency and an ethical call out for repair?
  • What is the compromise that should be made if a tenant asks for rent to be lowered over loss of work?

These crucial questions will demand more of everyone who works in the property industry, and we must all be prepared to find effective ways to answer and solve them

Property agents have an added responsibility to be well informed. Ensuring to continue to serve tenants and their landlords while keeping business and relationships productive. Keeping lines of dialogue between tenant and landlord is more essential than ever. Placing your trust in an experienced property agent to work as a mediator has never been so important. Many will be facing economic uncertainty and opening up dialogue is essential to resolve issues early. There is always a right and wrong way to do this!

At Eureka Property we feel we have placed ourselves ahead of this scenario because of the experience we hold, and the already strong relationships we maintain with our landlords and tenants. We have and are adapting to this new scenario and we are prepared for the long term; responding to this crisis will, therefore, be about keeping things, where possible, as flexible and as professional as they possibly can be. We are ready to help!

The government is clearly taking steps to enable tenants to pay their rent and service charges, and experienced property agents can open these channels before tenants default on payments. There is no room for delay or bad feeling

If you are looking for help with your existing tenants or for new ones we are here to advise and manage. We are just a call or email away.

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